We rarely see the good stuff

Originally posted at Livejournal 3rd February 2011

I am greatly cheered by the actions of some Christians and Muslims in Egypt.  Egypt isn’t enjoying the greatest time in its history and whatever I listen to on the radio, read on the internet or in a newspaper, it appears to be nothing but a constant stream of negativity.  Today, however, I have come across two tiny pinpricks of loveliness; a picture and a personal account, which have made me take heart that whatever is going on in Egypt – and I’m no international diplomacist –  that the good things are there… when you look for them.

Firstly, a picture, that was circulated on Twitter, this is apparently a bunch of Christians protecting Muslims as they prayed.

And a comment from my friend Patrick, who was in Egypt earlier this month:

“I  was in Egypt just after the suicide bombing on New Year’s Eve and after  that there was a huge reaction from the Muslim community. Muslims were  forming protective human barriers around churches during their Christmas  services (they celebrate  Christmas on Jan 7th) and even attending services with their Christian  friends and neighbours. There was a fund raising organisation formed to  support victims of the bombing and they adopted a symbol that was made  up of the Muslim crescent moon and the cross. There is unquestionably  some tension between the two communities but there is also a lot of  love, respect and acceptance. I pray that this will survive the current  troubles and that both faiths will play their part in the rebuilding to  come.”

In the midst of what the media wants to feed us, there is always the good stuff, if you keep your eyes open.

Rachel J Lewis | 3rd February 2011

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