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Prayer: The Rocks, The Maps And The Tea

I’ve been working through a week of guided prayer.  Prayer is something that I’ve had great difficulty with – this blog post from February spoke about it.  This year I’ve been greatly challenged on two fronts:  Firstly, to move away … Continue reading

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About that Prayer Thing Again…

I’m rubbish at praying. No, that’s not the right word. Abysmal, that’s the right word.  If God were writing a prayer report on me he’d say, “Who?” I just can’t get it together. Every attempt to make it a regular … Continue reading

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Pulling you up, pulling you along

One of the things I adore about our church is the genuine love people have for one another.  Time and again we see the congregation responding to a need in astonishing ways.  The help may be through meals, transport or with doing things around … Continue reading

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Starting my day the right way.

I’ll admit that I like a certain amount of routine in my life. I like my life to hang off a number of fixed points, providing me with a framework that I can slot the rest of my commitments around. One of … Continue reading

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Armed, dangerous and fully prayer loaded

Originally posted at Livejournals 16th March 2011 I find it hard to relate to anyone who says God isn’t a living and active force in people’s lives, mainly because I so clearly see him at work in both my life … Continue reading

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Angels and Demons and Prayers, Oh my!

Originally posted at Livejournal 21st October 2010 I’ve never really been in to the whole ‘angels’ thing, certainly not in the form of cute wish-granting children or even – after my recent experience reading Lauren Kate’s Fallen books – as … Continue reading

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