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The God Bit: Sunday 10th February

It’s been a momentous old week hasn’t it? There are not many times in your life where you witness the approval of a landmark piece of legislation.  I’m very happy that homosexual men and women will be able to marry … Continue reading

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The God Bit: Sunday 13th January

Extreme Makeover. Let’s face it, extremists make good news copy.  There’s no glamour to be had writing about all the wonderful stuff that Anywheresville Baptist Church do for the lonely senior citizens in their community, when you can write about … Continue reading

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The Lord will go ahead of you.

Sitting here in a house in the middle of Britain; world events can, at times, seem a million miles away.  But the coup d’etat in Mali back in March this year was something I prayed about and paid close attention to; because … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s tough to sing from the same hymn sheet

Originally posted at Livejournal 16th Feb 2011 We had a Church meeting last night; they happen once a month and this one focused on accepting the budget for this year.  After the last meeting and the rumblings there have been … Continue reading

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We rarely see the good stuff

Originally posted at Livejournal 3rd February 2011 I am greatly cheered by the actions of some Christians and Muslims in Egypt.  Egypt isn’t enjoying the greatest time in its history and whatever I listen to on the radio, read on … Continue reading

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They may be your beliefs, but this is the law of the land

Originally posted at Livejournal 26th January 2011 Over the last few days I’ve been mentally returning time and again to the recent case that has been going through the British courts, regarding the case of the couple in Cornwall who … Continue reading

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