The God Bit: Sunday 24th February

Blue Sky“Never give up until your heart stops beating.”
Shellshock, New Order

Quoting New Order lyrics is not something I ever thought I’d do in a faith-based blog; but there again, there was a time when I never thought I’d keep a blog.  Things change…

Now excuse me for coming over all ranty this morning (no surprise there then), but if we believe that we operate as a whole, that everything that needs to be done in life is covered by everyone working together – i.e. that nobody can do everything – then it must follow that each one of us is a piece of the jigsaw of life.  We each hold our individual little bit of the picture and when we join our bit to everyone else’s bits something rather wonderful emerges.  Unless it’s one of those baked bean jigsaws, which seem just to exist to bring on migraines.

Also, at what point in the Bible do we ever hear the words ‘I’m too old for that, I’ve done my bit?’  We don’t.  We get close to it when Moses starts having a whinge at God, saying he’s not good enough for the task God wants him to do, but the Almighty gives him short shrift on that (Exodus 4: 1-17).  But in every case people are out there serving God for life.  The government may determine that your usefulness to society expires at (currently) 65, but God doesn’t set a retirement age.  There is no age past which you give up, sit on the back row of the church and expect it all to be done for you.  Everyone; from Abraham to Samuel, Daniel, Jesus, Paul, Mary, Martha and Deborah served God until the end of their lives.  So I want to say two things this morning:

1) You are never too old to contribute to society, to a church, to a whatever you’re interested in. OK, so you might not be able to do exactly what you used to be able to do BUT there are things you can do. You are never too old to study, never too old to start a new business and never ever too old to have some fun along the way.
2) You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.  I may have just nicked that one from C S Lewis, but hey, it’s true. :)

The media likes to peddle the notion that if we don’t have life all sorted out by our early twenties then we might as well give up now (read the lyrics to Lily Allen’s song “22”, she echoes it).  But if we hold on to our bit of the unique jigsaw of life under some mistaken assumption that we’re too old, then the whole picture will be all the poorer.  There’s nothing worse than doing a jigsaw only to find there’s a bit missing. It may be just one bit, your bit, but it’s vital.  Without your bit the whole picture is spoiled.

So don’t write yourself off whatever age you are.  You have gifts and talents and burdens on your heart that you want to share.  Get out there and use them whether you’re 30, 60 or 90 years old because it’s only working together that we build up that wonderful jigsaw of life. 😀


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