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This Woman, Food and God

I’ve noticed it before.  When my relationship with food settles my relationship with God settles, too.  I’m at a loss to explain it, but the two seem inextricably linked.  Sometime last autumn the wheels came off and I found myself … Continue reading

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In the distance

I was struck by something this morning and as I have fifteen minutes before I have to crack on with the rest of the day I wanted to write a little post about it because I think it’s an important … Continue reading

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The God Bit: Sunday 24th March

I’ve had a very contrasting week in what I’ve been reading.  This month, my book group book is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.  It’s one of the very best books I have ever read.  One of the reasons … Continue reading

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The God Bit: Sunday 24th February

“Never give up until your heart stops beating.” Shellshock, New Order Quoting New Order lyrics is not something I ever thought I’d do in a faith-based blog; but there again, there was a time when I never thought I’d keep … Continue reading

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What’s the big fuss over gay people?

This is long, get a coffee. This piece does not seek to add to the debate about the Christian view of homosexuality, it merely seeks to explain why many Christians struggle to accept gay relationships.  Christianity is a catch-all term … Continue reading

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The God Bit: Sunday 13th January

Extreme Makeover. Let’s face it, extremists make good news copy.  There’s no glamour to be had writing about all the wonderful stuff that Anywheresville Baptist Church do for the lonely senior citizens in their community, when you can write about … Continue reading

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Take my words…

I am not a woman much given to illness, but yesterday I was felled by some quite bizarre thing which deprived me of my balance and ability to see straight.  No, it was not an over-indulgence in wine.  I’d been … Continue reading

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Doubts. I have some.

Last night at our church, Peter Laws started a three week series looking at doubt. While you’ll quite easily find Christians who will admit to struggling with prayer (me), or Bible reading (absolutely not me); you will be hard-pushed to … Continue reading

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Run to win! But make sure you’re in your lane.

The past few weeks in my house have been spent goggle-eyed over the Olympics.  I rarely watch TV and certainly it’s even rarer that I watch sport; but there was something that was must-see about the whole Olympics thing.  And … Continue reading

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The Lord will go ahead of you.

Sitting here in a house in the middle of Britain; world events can, at times, seem a million miles away.  But the coup d’etat in Mali back in March this year was something I prayed about and paid close attention to; because … Continue reading

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