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Finding Solidarity with the Archbishop’s Daughter

It’s a tough old time of year by anyone’s standards.  It’s largely dark, it’s invariable cold and life seems to be hurtling by at speeds that only the USS Enterprise should be capable of.    I wish I could post some … Continue reading

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Radical Christians

Christians are called to be distinctive.  To mark ourselves out, in the way we treat others and by the lives we ourselves lead, that we are different to other people.  In a country that is increasingly all about conformity, being … Continue reading

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The God Bit: Sunday 21st July

It’s been months since I’ve written a Sunday morning blog; a combination of being very busy and not really knowing what to say, because I’ve been in a spiritual slump. Should Christians admit to that?  Absolutely, because it happens to … Continue reading

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The Potential of a New Year.

I like looking back at the past, but I am more strongly drawn to thinking about the future.  At this time of year, there are a plethora of posts on news websites rounding up what’s been going on during the … Continue reading

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Take my words…

I am not a woman much given to illness, but yesterday I was felled by some quite bizarre thing which deprived me of my balance and ability to see straight.  No, it was not an over-indulgence in wine.  I’d been … Continue reading

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Run to win! But make sure you’re in your lane.

The past few weeks in my house have been spent goggle-eyed over the Olympics.  I rarely watch TV and certainly it’s even rarer that I watch sport; but there was something that was must-see about the whole Olympics thing.  And … Continue reading

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Hello, I’m Rachel. Welcome to my World

It seems appropriate that with this blog now being scooped up by the Baptist Times website, a little introduction is in order.   Dear Baptist Times readers, Hello, I’m Rachel and welcome to my world. Introductions are important things. They … Continue reading

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The Healing Touch of God

Recently in Britain,  a Christian group has been told to remove its advertising from the streets of Bath.  The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decided that their posters, saying “Need Healing? God can heal today.” were misleading; saying that they encouraged … Continue reading

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The Forces of ‘Not Good Enough’

The more I look not just at my spiritual life, but my life as a whole; the more I realise that so much of my future now hinges on one thing: What’s going on in my head. When I became … Continue reading

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Just do it!

Twice a month I lead a group Bible study.  We’re not a bunch of very mature Christians, most of us have only a few year’s walk with God under our belts.  At the moment, we’re working through the book of … Continue reading

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