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Rachel J LewisI became a Christian, lying face down on my bed at 10.47am on Thursday 4th October 2001. I was thirty-one years old and there was no one to witness it.  There was no choir of angels, no blessing from a Bishop and no huddle of tank-topped, Jesus-sandled do-gooders waiting to welcome me into the happy clappy club.  It was simply a conviction, a prayer and two phone calls; one to my friend who’d invited me along to her church the previous March and the other to the Pastor of that church. There it was, job done. You can read more of my testimony here in Losing my Religion, Finding my Faith.

I’ve been blogging since 2006.  While I was sharing my faith informally through my everyday blogs, I didn’t start writing about it with more focus until 2010.

The last few years for me personally have been a time of enormous spiritual and emotional growth. Gradually I came to understand that this gift for stringing a sentence together might have been given to me for a purpose.

I feel that God has asked me to focus on encouraging women.  That isn’t to say that this is a women-only blog, it most certainly isn’t. However, my life has given me a wealth of experience that many other women also go through and I want to share how I have dealt with those issues, encourage those who find themselves in the same boat and use what we can learn in the Bible as a help and a guide.  I don’t want to do this in an over-bearing manner; it’s about encouraging one another, supporting each other and having a laugh along the way.

I’m not a Bible scholar, the only qualification I have is ten years study of it and a deep conviction that the Bible is completely and utterly relevant to life today.

Although I was christened and confirmed in the Church of England, it wasn’t until I moved to Ampthill in 2000 and was invited along to Ampthill Baptist Church that I understood that it wasn’t about simply going to church, there was something I needed to do…

So I did. I gave my life to Jesus on 4th October 2001 and was baptised on 26th May 2002.

Warning: This blog may contain much that is factually wrong, biblically inaccurate or laugh-out-loud funny.

May also contain nuts.

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  2. Lavi J says:

    Hello, and thank you for sharing this blog!! Have been on a similar journey, a convert, which we all must be, whether we were in church before or not. Now each step, even the negative looking ones, seems meaningful. Writing also, and you’ve just reminded me of NaNoWriMo! :) I’ll give it a try, to boost my discipline.
    Wishing you all the best in the future!

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